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Summer news letter 2018

This has been a very fruitful year for me: I have really enjoyed teaching Yoga and seeing people progress at all sort of levels (physically, but also mentally: self-confidence, awareness and acceptance of one’s strengths and weaknesses, feelings of contentment). This is very encouraging and it helps me to persevere in my practice. I also have completed the Advanced Teacher Training Course in the Himalayas with the Sivananda tradition. I initially did a 500 hours course with the British Wheel of Yoga and this was an excellent course. But the latter course gave me a different perspective on Yoga. I can see now that Yoga has a worldwide influence not only on individuals, but at a political level too; and this vision brings with it a huge responsibility as a yoga teacher: to teach Yoga with integrity, knowing how deeply this discipline might affect people’s life.

There is a code of ethic for any profession that deals with individuals whose physical and mental health might cause them to become vulnerable to the influence of people that have the power to manipulate them (doctors, psychotherapists, social workers, teachers, carers generally); and yoga teachers are not an exception. This is why I link my practice with the observance of the Yamas (Social duties: non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, continence, non-coveting) and Niyamas (Duties to yourself: cleanliness, discipline, self-study, contentment, surrender of the ego), the first 2 limbs of Yoga.

So I hope you will enjoy your summer break. I am taking a break from the 6 August to the 17 September. The classes will resume on the 18/19 September 2018. As I previously announced, there will be an increase in prices from September 2018. Yoga sessions tend to be only 60 minutes nowadays; but I like to include breathing techniques and guided relaxations. This is why my yoga session are longer than most yoga sessions (75 to 90 minutes).

Please feel free to look at all my previous handouts beneath. If you are a student in Yoga, you might find them useful!

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