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I had a good, but wet summer. I am not sure if it was a restful holiday; at times it felt like really hard work, waking up at 4am every day, with solid meditation 3 hours a day, and lighter weight meditation for another 7 hours. My experience with VIPASSANA meditation has been challenging, but it did change my prospective on yoga.

Some Yoga catch phrases such as "listen to your body" now make complete sense. Asanas are not just a byproduct of Yoga, glorified by Health freaks in the West; they are essential to understand the reality of who you are. It is not about looking pretty, it is about making the most of our lives here and now and keep the vehicle into good shape. Most importantly a meditative physical practice helps us to develop essential qualities such as awareness (mindfulness) and equanimity (detachment and objectivity). The "enlightenment" that follows comes from hard and patient work, and it starts from where we are now, in our body.

My work for the whole year will be centred around Prana (with a capital P). Prana is translated as "life force", without which our bodies would only be a pack of flesh and bones. We will explore the pranayama Kosha, the energy body, and the 5 "vayus", winds or currents of energy in the body. The first series will explore prana (with a lower case p), situated in the heart centre (some texts put it in the head). In each of the 5 sessions we will focus on a specific posture connected to the use of the prana vayu. Programme, invoice and handout will be with you on Monday.

REMINDER: the first session will be Monday in Highfield, Tuesday in Portswood and Wednesday in Shirley Warren. For times and location visit You may use bookwhen to book the number of sessions you are able to attend. If you do not want to buy a Yoga Pass, remember that it is cheaper to book drop-in sessions online.

Looking forward to sharing yoga with you this coming week

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International Yoga Day 2017

Wonderful day in Southampton common for the International Yoga Day 2017! To watch our slide show, go to International Yoga day 2017

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